90 Points Robert Parker
Las Rocas

When a group of young Spanish winemakers at Bodegas San Alejandro joined forces with French and American wine specialists, they envisioned creating a modern wine that would capture the unique qualities of Garnacha and the special flavors of the Calatayud region. That wine is Las Rocas.

We take great care in the winemaking process, cold soaking our Garnacha before fermentation to pull the most vibrant colors and richest flavors from the grapes. During aging, we use lightly toasted oak for less than a year to bring out a hint of spice, without masking the rich flavors of the wine. At Las Rocas, itís all about the varietal expression of the grape.

Our Managing Director at Bodegas San Alejandro, Yolanda Diaz, is a woman with a mission: to keep a "new wind blowing" across winemaking in Spain. She leads our dynamic team of young, passionate winegrowers and winemakers who are dedicated to crafting wines that show superior quality and style.

"We are creating substantial, modern Garnacha wines, with strong varietal expression," says Yolanda. "These wines reflect the terroir of our native soils. At Las Rocas, fruit always comes before oak."

"We focus on making wines that are elegant and balanced," she explains. "The most important element in our winemaking philosophy is to keep intervention at a minimum. Let the land speak in the wine."

Today, our winery is a standard-bearer for winemaking in the Aragon region and an undisputed leader in the Catalayud Designation of Origin (DO).

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