90 Points Robert Parker
Las Rocas
Bodega San Alejandro

More than 350 local farmers cultivate the vines on the sunlit rocky slopes of northeastern Spain to supply the grapes Bodega San Alejandro (BSA) uses for Las Rocas®. BSA was founded as a growers' co-operative in 1962, and its members now farm nearly 3,000 acres of vineyard in the Calatayud winegrowing region.

Our co-op winery is located in the tiny (pop. 530) town of Miedes, about 55 miles north of Madrid, in the valley of the Perejiles River. Relics of San Alejandro himself lie nearby in a Franciscan convent in Calatayud.

Since critics and wine connoisseurs in the U.S. first discovered our wines in 2003, Las Rocas has made its way to wine shop shelves and restaurant wine lists from coast to coast.

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