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Garnacha vs Grenache

Garnacha, called Grenache in the U.S. and France, is one of the world’s most widely planted red grapes, and it is the primary grape used in Las Rocas® wines. Many believe that Garnacha’s ancient origins lie in the same region of Spanish Aragon where the wines of Las Rocas are created today. Another theory suggests that Garnacha came to Spain from its original home on Sardinia, when the Spanish kingdom of Aragon ruled that island during the 14th and 15th centuries.

Whatever its origin, Garnacha can be thought of as a "friendly" grape – easy to grow, easy to ferment, and easy on the palate. Garnacha vines are a perfect match for the long, hot summer growing season of inland Spain; they take their time to ripen, basking in sunlight and warm weather.

Our vines, some of which are a century old, yield less fruit than is typical for Garnacha, which concentrates the flavor and color into fewer grape clusters. This translates into incredibly rich flavors in the finished wine.

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